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Inflatable Kayaks by Intex

My kids may be limited in what foods they can enjoy. 

But that sure doesn’t mean the fun is limited!

We’ve always focused on activities over food.

And that’s why we snagged some blow-up kayaks for the lake this summer!

Since we have to transport them back and forth, we thought we’d give inflatable kayaks a try.

Huge hit! See a fun demo video in this post. Plus, we have a convenient purchase link for you below.

These are surprisingly affordable for how durable they are.

 two inflatable kayaks on the lake

That’s right, the fam is now official kayakers. 

All these years, we’ve simply fished at the lake on our favorite cove. 

Here’s our favorite fried fish recipe

Watching lake goers kayak by was always enticing…do we need our own kayaks? 

But we don’t actually live on the lake, and we drive two small sedans for our family of four. 

There was no feasible way to transport them so we just admired others’ kayaks from afar. 

 That is, until we learned about inflatable kayaks!

Legit, they come in a storage bag, and you inflate them to use.

When done…deflate, bag, and take back home. Easy peasy! 

With the two teens, we tried one double seater kayak first. 

Much to our surprise, the quality was super durable. 

So we grabbed another and now both teenagers can have their own. 

Or mom and dad can hop in for a ride, too. 

While I’m not much of a water sport person,

I just know these work well for the large lake cove we frequent. 

And of course, we always wear life jackets. 

This particular brand has excellent reviews on Amazon for further reading and to make sure it would work for your needs. 

I agree with many of the reviews that the value is worth it! 

My teenage boys are having a blast strolling the lake this summer.

See our demo video here in this post!

Important Note: Make sure you read all the manufacturer instructions and take all safety precautions for best results and tons of fun.

PS: These kayaks come with their own air pumps. 

Here’s our affiliate shopping link for your convenience at no extra cost to you. 

Inflatable Kayaks on Amazon

Have a great summer, we hope you get to kayak soon!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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