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Fried Fish Dinner Dairy-Free (VIDEO)

Dairy-free fried fish, anyone?

Dairy Free Fish Dinner


Both growing up in the country, my hubby and I did a lot of fishing with our dads.

And when we got married, we kept the tradition alive.

Fishing at sunset makes for the most romantic cheap date as college students, ya know?

So it became extra special when our boys got big enough to learn fishing with us.

And we are so thankful for an easy place to go, fishing right off the dock at grandma’s house now.

Our oldest has a knack for wondering to his own special place along the water and catching more big fish than the rest of us.

Usually catfish.

And our youngest skillfully brings in a haul of bluegill most every time.

Yay, because those are the best eatin’.

The rule still remains after 25 years, though, Jamie doesn’t touch bait or live fish. HA!

I’m super thankful for these memories we are making as a family…

catching fish at grandma’s and hoping to have enough for a dairy-free fish fry at home.

When it comes to eatin’ time, hubby makes the best fried fish, ever.

And we aren’t talking air fryer here, folks.

He does it up right, grease and all.

Year after year, I ask him to explain his favorite recipe.

And finally I have it for you!

Plus, I’ve included a little video in this post of his magic in action.

Thanks for making fishing so rewarding, babe.

Nom nom!

And for teaching us all your tricks and tips for becoming a pretty darn good fishing family.

My husband uses egg in this recipe, but he assures me it could simply be omitted…an option for our egg allergy friends.

Consider serving your milk-free fried fish with milk-free coleslaw, hush puppies, and/or homemade fries!

You can also serve this with easy tarter sauce.

Just mix mayo and pickle relish to taste.

If we have leftovers, we reheat the fried fish to serve on dairy-free buns with lettuce and tarter sauce.

Delicious fish sandwiches!

See fish recipe below.



fish fillets (1/2 inch thick)
3/4 cup dairy-free milk
1 egg (optional)
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
1 cup flour
2 cups dairy-free cracker crumbs


Mix milk, egg (optional), salt and pepper together in a large shallow bowl.

Slowly add flour and mix until batter is smooth.

Crunch up dairy-free crackers in a separate large shallow bowl.

Rinse fillets in cold water, drain, and pat dry with clean paper towels.

Dip fillets in batter on both sides.

Then coat fillets with crumbs on both sides.

Deep fry at 370-375 degrees until fillets are floating and golden brown (3 or 4 minutes).

Don’t over pack the fryer.

Turn fillets a couple of times as they rise to the top.

Remove to a rack to drain.

Place on paper towels in a single layer.

Enjoy your dairy-free fried fish hot and fresh.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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