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Tamara from Food Allergy Counselor (VIDEO)

One of my greatest Milk Allergy Mom highlights, you guys. 

Interviewing Tamara Hubbard on Facebook Live was everything I imagined it would be. 

Food Allergy Counselor Interview


Insightful, empowering, and motivating for food allergy mamas everywhere. 


Some backstory…

I especially geek out over counseling and therapy for food allergy families for a few reasons. 

One, I finished half my masters in counseling. I love this field! But I decided to move a different direction in my career. 

Two, I personally utilized therapy and counseling with the traumatic loss of my sister a few years ago, and it was life-changing.

I will always attribute a big part of my growth and renewed health to the counseling service I received. 

Three, stress, anxiety, and depression are so real in the food allergy community, and I’m so glad this is finally coming to light.

We need to start this conversation!

In fact, I give our Milk Allergy Mom Members much of the credit for food allergy mom self-care coming to the forefront in the allergy community. 

Ever since they requested this to be a big emphasis in our member group almost 3 years ago, 

I have touted this amazing attribute of our membership in public. 

And the idea of allergy mom self-care has caught on like wildfire and spread wide into the food allergy space. 

I’m grateful. 

At the same time, sweet Tamara Hubbard was deciding to use her counseling career and food allergy mom experience to begin creating much needed counseling resources for food allergy families. 

This is why I could not wait to meet her and introduce her to you all. 

I’m so grateful she connected with me, and that we made this happen for you all. 

You can watch our public interview at a link below. 

And if you are inside Milk Allergy Mom Membership, be sure to watch for the second hour-long interview in our group!

There we answered your questions and got to hear Tamara’s personal food allergy story. 

This was one of my favorite interviews to do, for sure.

Such an important, life-changing topic. 

And I can’t wait to partner with the Food Allergy Counselor more.

Watch our interview below to learn what the Food Allergy Counselor website is…

and how you can utilize it to make your own food allergy journey better.

I know you will be inspired. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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