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Food Allergy Mom Interview with Jessica Smartt


Allergy mamas, you are in for a treat.

If you have not met Jessica Smartt, fellow milk allergy mom, blogger, and author…

then please let me have the honor of introducing you today!

I met Jessica at a weekend blogging conference, and we were staying in the same house.

Our first interaction included talk about our milk allergy kiddos left at home and how worried we were about them.

Can you relate?!

We hit it off right away, and have been allergy mom buds ever since.

At one one point, before the busy holidays, Jessica and I thought it would be awesome to help our allergy community with a video interview about allergy mom stress and anxiety.

I’m going to link you to it in just a sec!

What I most love about our friendship besides the regular allergy mom texting, is that during that first blogging conference together we encouraged each other to keep using our gifts to help the mommy community.

We both have college degrees.

We both loved our career life.

But we both have deep passion to make this life adventure better for moms like us.

Especially allergy moms.

So as you will hear in this video, we spurred each other on to follow our dreams. Jessica wrote her book!

And I started my membership community.

And we love using both of these creative spaces to reach and help more mamas together.

Together, it’s better, and you are invited to come be a part!

Watch my interview with Jessica here and learn how we deal with the stresses of allergy life.

Hope you are encouraged!

Then grab Jessica’s new book, Memory Making Mom. (affiliate link)

And hop inside our allergy tribe with me and Jessica for help, hope, and fun for your allergy adventure…including a Memory Making Mom Book Club!

Let’s make memories together!

See you inside, my friend. xo



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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