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Delicious Peach Crisp Dairy-Free & Egg-Free

Peach Crisp No Milk or Egg


Who’s ready for a summer crisp that’s just peachy?

Peach Crisp, that is. 

With no milk and no egg. 

No milk or egg substitutes. 

Just simple ingredients, a special technique, 

and tart, tangy summer delight your whole family will love!


Peach Crisp No Milk or Egg


While out on a little road trip recently, 

hubby pulled off the side to a cute little produce stand. 

We can’t resist. 

And on special that day was fresh, fuzzy peaches. 

Ripe and ready…sweet and juicy. 


For me, eating peaches fresh is where it’s at. 

But hubs had other plans. 

He baked up this delicious peach crisp that turned out amazing. 

I conceded…baking the peaches was delicious. 

Not the first time I’ve been wrong. HA!


A few years back, my son couldn’t eat fresh peaches. 

He had oral allergy syndrome where the pollen in and on fruits bothered him when he ate certain ones. 

Peaches included. 

So in those days, we HAD to cook peaches, cherries, and carrots so he could tolerate them without the weird sensation in his mouth. 

Maybe that’s why I now embrace being able to eat these foods fresh with my kiddo now. 

Anyways, if you have OAS to peaches, this recipe may help you tolerate them better. 

I’m not talking a true allergy, OAS is different. 

Talk to your allergist before trying. 

But maybe this will help!


Peach Crisp No Milk or Egg


He found a great recipe online that was already dairy-free and egg-free. 

And despite often finding my own tweaks and adjustments to recipes, 

this one was perfect as is. 

With very special directions for making the peach filling thick and tasty. 

Why mess with a good thing? 

So I’m just going to point you to the recipe below.

I know you’re going to love it! 

My contribution? 

Don’t forget the dairy-free ice cream and or dairy-free whip

Because peaches and cream is even better. xo

Here’s the recipe!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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