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Fun School Supplies for Moms!


Enjoy back-to-school with us inside Milk Allergy Mom Membership!


Hey moms who love school supplies…

you know who you are. 

I’m here to tell you it is OK if you love markers, pens, and notebooks as much as summer break. 

I do. 

There’s no shame in my game. 

If school supplies make you happier than a kid in a candy shop, too…

then keep reading. 

Because after my fun shopping this year, 

I decided to share a handful of favorite school supplies with you. 

School supplies for my kids? 

Heck no, for me! 

I have teen boys who couldn’t care less about school supplies.

All the more reason to grab some goodies for myself. 

Sweet! Let’s do this! 

office supplies for moms


Not only are these #2 pencils that never need sharpened, 

they are adorable. 

Don’t use generic pencils. Ever. 

No more cute Target dollar spot mechanical pencils for me. 

Zebra actually writes. 

And the erasers actually work. 

Sure, I sock my kids with wooden Ticonderoga pencils,  

but mom gets the Zebra. 

You can find these at the dollar store during back-to-school, 

or anytime get Zebra pencils in bulk on Amazon. (affiliate link)


Next up, the pens!

And it’s all about Zebra. 


I promise, I don’t have some obsession with the animal.

Yes, they are beautiful and amazing. 

But it’s this brand, people. 

They know how to make writing tools. 

And the pens are just as awesome as the mechanical pencils. 

These right here are my favoritest (is that a word?) pens I’ve ever used. 

And I’ve tried a lot. 

These are not ultra fine point. 

But dang they are smooth, just like the package says. 

Snag these Zebra pens on Amazon (affiliate link) for an awesome price, too! 


Or shall we say, MILD liners. 

That’s right, the color on these are a-mazing!

No bleeding through paper. 

No crazy neon colors that make your eyes hurt. 

These are such a soft pastel color, so pretty to use and look at. 

I am loving them in my planner. 

Apparently, they are swell for Bible highlighting, too. Gonna try!

These actually have two tips: chisel and fine tip. So cool! 

And the packaging is dynamite.

You can flip the flap to the back and have them setting up for easy grabbing while you work.


I bought 8 colors and after using them the first day…

I ordered this set of 15 Zebra Highlighters on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Come to mama, I love markers!!!


I use all these writing tools in my yearly life planner.

Zebra pencils. 

Zebra pens. 

Both highlighted in Zebra highlighters. 

And the Zebra pens clip onto the sturdy coil of my planner just perfectly. 

Always gotta have your planner pen handy!

I keep track of so many things in this paper planner, 

it’s where I organize basically my whole life. 

And my 2020 planner is in hand…my 5th Erin Condren Planner! 

I guess it’s almost our five year anniversary. 

You can read more about the planner here!


Lastly, I love me some good sturdy notebooks. 

And these are the best!

Comparable to Mead notebooks…

these Stellar brand notebooks from Office Depot Max are super durable. 

They have the strongest coil I’ve seen. 

And the covers are heavy duty plastic. 

As you can see, they come in such pretty colors and designs, too!

I actually insist on my boys using these for math and spelling because they are the only notebook we’ve had hold up all school year long. 

Boys are hard on notebooks!

I grabbed my yearly supply in a few sizes and colors. 

The small ones are so fab for a purse, for church, or as a journal. 

Again, look for these at Office Depot Max for as little as $2 on back-to-school sale. 


Here are other little supplies I replenish with the new year: 

(affiliate links)

the best gel pens and they are so pretty

pencil cap erasers for my mechanical pencils

jumbo paper clips in pretty gold or rose gold

post-it notes only by post-it so they actually stick

lamination sheets for my simple laminating machine

papermate flair markers for when I write in color


Hey school supply friend, 

hope this post was inspiring for you!

Our kids are going to have fun this back-to-school season…

we may as well, too!

Comment and let me know what school supplies YOU gotta have this year! 


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June K

Tuesday 6th of August 2019

TFS. I absolutely love this time of year because of back-to-school specials.

Jamie Kaufmann

Tuesday 6th of August 2019

Hi June! I'd love to hear what you stock up on, my fellow crafty bud!!! xoxo

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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