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Why Aldi Self Checkout is Great

Have you seen self-checkout at Aldi yet and wonder what it’s like?

At first, I was hesitant because I usually stink at using self-checkout. 

But turns out, Aldi self-checkout is better than the rest.

Here’s my Aldi self-checkout review!


aldi self check out with grocery bags and boxes and dairy free food

Typically, self-checkout isn’t my favorite. 

Mostly because I’m a big self-checkout failure. 

My husband is always horrified by my checkout skills or lack thereof. 

I can’t help it that my OCD has me rearranging the bags and messing up the weight every time I try it.

In turn, I usually lock up the machine, and an annoyed employee inevitably has to come with a badge to get us going again. 

Yes, my hubby now just insists on running the self-checkout himself when we are together. Ha! 

And I’m quite ok with that. 


The new Aldi self-checkout has proven to be a much better experience for me.

It’s quite different than checking yourself out at other stores. 

Let’s just say, I’m really really good at it. AND it saves me quite a bit of time, stress, and work. 

Plus, as always, I save lots of money shopping at Aldi. So there’s always that. 

What makes Aldi self-checkout so dang easy and worth doing? 

Here’s what makes me like it so much.

aldi grocery store with self checkout

1. Aldi Self-Checkout Isn’t Busy, Usually No Lines

At least for now, people are still opting to stand in line for Aldi cashiers over trying self-checkout where there’s no line.

Until they read this post, that is! 

After resisting the self-check the first few times myself, I finally gave it a try one day when I was in a hurry. 

There’s twice as many self-checkouts as there are cashier checkouts, now.

And on that day, both checkers had lines. Nobody was at self-checkout. 

No better time to give it a shot! 

It went so well and fast that now it’s hard not to wave people out of the long line and over to my side. 

I guess that’s why I’m writing this post…to wave you over and convince you to try. 

There’s so much more to gain than just avoiding the long cashier line. 

But that might be your first draw, like it was mine.

Keep reading!

2. Aldi Self-Checkout Isn’t Weighted, Thank Goodness

As you read before, I get in a lot of trouble self-checking at other stores because I tend to reorganize the items in my bags. 

Then I get barked at for “unexpected item in the bagging area”. Sigh. 

Not at Aldi, though!

When the cashier first tried to convince me to try self-check, she told me the lanes were not weighted. 

That means I can rearrange the items in my boxes and bags all I want. 

No delays waiting on a cashier to come reset the machine because of my OCD. 

And that saves a lot of time and annoyance for people like me. 

3. Scanning Produce at Aldi Is Simple

Here’s another thing I dislike about doing my own checkout at other grocery stores.

Weighing produce is a pain in the rear. 

I don’t have time to look up 4-digit numbers on every fruit and vegetable. 

I don’t have time to search for that specific kind of apple among a dozen options. 

But at Aldi, most all their produce is packaged with a bar code and flat price. 

Bag of apples? Four bucks. Bam. 

Bag of cucumbers? Three dollars. Sweet. 

And I definitely hit Aldi for all my produce shopping, so I buy a lot of bagged fruits and veggies in each trip. 

In the handful of times I’ve done self check-out at Aldi, I only remember weighing bananas. And it was easy.

Aldi is PRIME for good, inexpensive produce. Even organic. Now, it’s so easy to checkout the produce, too. 

4. Aldi Self Checkout Isn’t Rushed

This may seem weird, but anyone else get stressed out by the insane speed of Aldi cashiers?

I mean, I love a good fast checkout experience, of course. 

But nothing parallels the intensity of Aldi cashier speed. 

Zing, zing, zing, zing, zing! Those amazing employees fling items across the scanner faster than my kid runs the 100 meter dash. 

I’m convinced they must pass some serious speed tests before being hired. I hope they get paid heftily for that skill!

While it’s all impressive, I actually find myself a bit triggered by the hurried experience. 

I always lose the game of getting my items on the belt at a rate that keeps up with the cashier. 

They will win that race every day, all day long against me. 

That, my friend, is another reason I love Aldi self checkout. 

Last time I was there, I literally caught myself humming a tune while happily scanning my Aldi groceries. 

And of course, as eluded to above, there was no customer behind me waiting for their turn. 

Sometimes going about life at your own pace just feels so good. That’s Aldi self-checkout.

5. Checking Out and Bagging at the Same Time Saves a Step

Now while I’ve taken a little more time singing tunes at checkout and going at my own slower pace…

I actually SAVE myself time in this next step.

I can checkout AND bag at the same time.

You know, instead of the checker throwing items back in the cart for me to turn around and bag at another counter…

One, check out.

Two, bag.

Nope, now you can do a quick one, two…checkout and bag at the same time. Boom!

Yes, some people really don’t like Aldi because they have to bag their own groceries. 

But if you’re already past that and realize it’s worth the savings on their food prices…

then you’re going to love this time-saving perk. 

It didn’t take me long to realize that self-checkout at Aldi actually saved me a whole extra step while shopping there. 

And that’s a big win when you also have to put your cart back, lol. 

6. Aldi Bar Codes are Huge, Easy to Scan

I tried to narrow down to just 5 reasons to love Aldi self checkout. 

But I must add this bonus reason here at the end. 

Every time I check myself out there, I really appreciate this. 

Bar codes on Aldi products are usually all over the package, big, and easy to find!

It’s probably one of their secrets to cashier speed that I’ve never realized or appreciated until I utilized them myself. 

I can nearly just run an item across the scanner without even LOOKING for a bar code, and it usually registers. 

There’s nothing more annoying at other store self-checks than turning an item 6 times to find the teeny tiny barcode. 

Not at Aldi. 

And that’s the bonus highlight. 

Final Thoughts About Self-Checkout at Aldi

Hopefully, the reasons above give you some encouragement to try the self-checkout at Aldi. 

I’ll leave you with a few more thoughts as you consider it. 

  • There are cameras at the self-checkout like other stores.
  • Right now you can’t self-check alcohol at Aldi. 
  • I think you can only use credit card at Aldi self-checkout. 
  • The machines DO annoyingly remind you after each scan to scan your next item or check out, loudly. Drown this out by humming to yourself, like I do. 

Rest assured, there are Aldi employees nearby to help if you need it. 

I’ve only needed help from a worker once, and that’s only because he didn’t give me a second to figure out how to weigh my bananas, ha ha.

In addition, I do think even big Aldi trips work well with self-checkout. I spent $100 the last time I went through it. 

I know I could have bought double that and still could have managed just fine. When you fill a bag, you can put it back in the cart…ready to roll out to your car.

Speaking of bags, you can also buy them as you need them at Aldi self-checkout…instead of having to guess how many you need with the cashier. A tip for those who do buy bags at Aldi.

You can also use empty Aldi boxes at self check-out, if you collect them around the store like I do sometimes. 

Lastly, of course, make sure you ring up all your items. Good thing you can take your time and not miss a thing.

Have You Tried Self-Checkout at Aldi? What Do You Think?

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you thought!

If you haven’t tried, will these tips help you give it a shot? 

We’d love to hear. 

I think it’s easy, efficient. and fast.

Now Aldi self-checkout just adds to the reasons I really enjoy shopping there.

Other reasons include low costs and all the delicious food safe for our allergies.

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