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Favorite Dairy-Free Snacks at Walmart

Looking for dairy-free snacks you can easily grab at Walmart? We’ve found many!

And yes, I even order them online for Walmart grocery pick-up. 

But you may enjoy perusing the store to see what else you can find.

There’s plenty of milk-free snacks at Walmart, these are just our current favorites with two teen boys in the house. 

As always, check labels on all items every time. Ingredients can change.

dairy free snacks at walmart

That’s right, if you know Walmart grocery pick-up, 

you know you can put a little heart on the favorite foods you order over and over. 

The dairy-free snacks I’m about to show you? 

They all have been hearted. Ha ha! 

Perhaps most of this would be considered dairy-free junk food. 

And that’s ok. 

For more healthful dairy-free food, check out post about favorite cold foods at Walmart

I definitely don’t do all my shopping at Walmart. 

Many of our staples come from Aldi

And there are plenty of dairy-free snacks at Target, too! 

In fact, some of the Target snacks are also found at Walmart. 

But for purposes of being helpful to you, we won’t double-dip the dairy-free snack ideas for both Walmart and Target. 

So be sure to see our list of favorites at Target linked above, as well!

Again, yes…some junk food. 

However, kids with food allergies need some fun food in their lives just as much as the next person. 

So we’ve got you covered. 

Balance with lots of nutritious produce from Aldi. That’s our strategy!

Now to our favorite snacks at Walmart. 

PLEASE NOTE: Here at Milk Allergy Mom, we simply share products that work for our family. Please consult your own doctor before trying food, supplements, or other products. Also read all labels and call companies for the latest, most accurate product information.


First up, my kids love crackers. 

Crackers for snacks, crackers for lunch, crackers before bed. 

Crackers all day long. 

So having a variety to choose from is a must. 

Original Wheat Thins are one of my kiddo’s favorites. 

wheat thins milk allergy mom

Other kiddo most likes these…

Town House Crackers Milk Allergy Mom

I especially like having a variety of crackers on hand for our fun dairy-free charcuterie boards. Yum!

Original Townhouse crackers have worked in our milk allergy family for years. 

Definitely, it can throw an allergy mom off when she sees the words “light and buttery”…

because we milk allergy moms know butter contains milk!

But alas, no milk is listed in the ingredients for the original crackers. 

Always double-check labels and do call the company if you need verification. 

Here’s another cracker we pick up at Walmart, too.


Now moving past crackers…

here’s another dairy-free snack my kids love. 

veggie straws milk allergy mom

Garden Veggie Straws with Sea Salt are definitely munch-worthy. 

Just make sure you don’t pick up the ranch or cheese version if you need dairy-free. 

Great for school lunch, too. 

I mean, it’s kind of a veggie, right? 

Not to be outdone by the vegetables, 

here’s an excellent fruit snack we love picking up at Walmart. 

Just fruit!

So this one definitely falls on the healthier side. 

that's it fruit bars milk allergy mom

As the name suggests, that’s really it. 

Only one or two ingredients, whatever fruit is in the bar…like blueberries and apples. 

This is my personal favorite. 


Now onto some not-so-clean dairy-free snacks…

how about cookies!

This one is mainstream, you’ve known it all your life. 

And it’s the top snack we bring to all potlucks and parties. 

oreo milk allergy mom

Not many people will turn their noses up at Oreos!

They even make Oreos gluten-free, now. Super awesome. 

Happy 110th birthday to Oreo. 

Some Oreos do contain milk so make sure you always double-check labels and call the company if your allergist requires that. 

Sticking with cookies, 

this one isn’t so mainstream, and you may not have heard of this brand before. 

It’s created by a food allergy mom just like us. 

And her cookies are A-MAZING!

The chocolate chip tastes like chewy Chips Ahoy, kid you not. 

My hubby could not believe these were so allergy friendly. 

He agreed, they taste like the real deal!

Free To Eat Dairy-Free Cookies

Free To Eat cookies are ones we buy for our son to take to birthday parties. 

Other moms in our community pick these up for classroom parties. 

These are a very special treat that kids LOVE!

See more flavors here!

Ok, this next one may not be a snack. 

I’m not sure, you decide. 

My kid eats it like a snack. 

And it’s awesome that Walmart sells this specialty brand most often found at health food stores. 

How about some mac and cheese, folks!

dairy free mac n cheese

















That’s right, anytime my son passes this in a grocery store, he asks me to buy it.

So naturally, it’s become hearted on my Walmart pick-up list. HA!

Yeah, let’s call this a snack.

Daiya Mac and Cheeze Cheddar Style is a big fave at our house. 

What I would have given to have this in our life fifteen years ago. 


Backing up to breakfast, 

there are many dairy-free cereals to choose from. 

But this one is sooooo good that my kids consider it a dairy-free snack. 

This cereal is actually new to my kids even though I loved it as a kid myself. 

I don’t know why it took me this long to recommend it to them. 

It’s safe to say, they are now hooked. 

Honey Oh's Milk Allergy Mom

Boy do I wish my metabolism allowed me to eat this by the bowlfuls like my busy, active teen boys do. 

Honey Oh’s are THE BOMB. 

This is one of the carby snacks my kiddo enjoys when taking his milk OIT dose. 

If you try them, you’ll be addicted. 

Thank goodness they are dairy-free! Check labels to make sure. 


You know how you don’t give hard candy to toddlers? 

Well, being the good and smart mom that I am, 

my boys ate gummy candy in their younger days. 

Only the funny part is…they never progressed to hard candy. 

My teens still love gummy candy the best, and it cracks me up. 

I did that to you, sons! Ha ha. 

life saver gummies milk allergy mom

So strangely enough, my boys ask for Life Saver Gummies on the regular. 

I keep waiting for them to tire of them. 

But we are going a dozen years strong with these. 

Pick up a big bag at Walmart and share with friends…or don’t. Ha ha. 

My boys will barely share with each other, now they use their own money to buy their own bags. 

I don’t get the obsession. 

Despite that, I’m sharing it, nonetheless. 


Now one obsession I DO get is easy, peasy dairy-free icing in a tub. 

I really like the sprinkles that come on top…for all my baking creations. 

This works perfectly for our dairy and egg free confetti cake recipe!

funfetti icing milk allergy mom

Pillsbury Funfetti Icing is always in my Walmart cart for one baking adventure or another. 

I definitely consider this a dairy-free snack. 

After all, my kids eat it on graham crackers when I haven’t baked something in awhile. 

And check this out, there’s a dairy-free cream cheese frosting, too!

Double-check ingredients, this one is always hard to believe. But so handy!

We love the cream cheese frosting on our pumpkin bars.

 cream cheese frosting milk allergy mom


Now last but not least…

did I save the best for last? 

You bet I did. 

This is a newer dairy-free snack at Walmart…

that can ONLY be bought at Walmart. 

And it’s been a huge money-saver for us. 

While we’ve loved and appreciated every dairy-free chocolate chip we’ve come across over the years…

these are right up there at the top for affordability, taste, and being organic!

walmart chocolate chips allergy friendly

Shown above is the dark chocolate chips. 

See the dairy-free, allergy-friendly, semi-sweet and white chocolate chips here!

Can you believe it? 

Three different flavors, all regular size chips. 

And I’m telling you, the white chocolate is the best we have ever tried. The best!

These we absolutely keep stocked and for chocolate chips alone…I make Walmart pick-up orders. 

See our chocolate chip cookie pie recipe, perfect for using dairy-free chocolate chips. 

Of course, we eat the chocolate chips plain, as well. 

Because dairy-free chocolate is the dreamiest snack of all, am I right?! 

And that, my friends, concludes our list of our very favorite dairy-free snacks to buy at Walmart. 

Remember, we have another post linked at the beginning of this article for dairy-free snacks found at Target. 

But most of those are probably at Walmart, as well. 

We just want to keep the lists from overlapping…to make it more helpful to you. 

If you have other dairy-free snacks that you regularly pick up at Walmart, leave a comment and let us know! 

We’d love to hear. 

If you decide to shop in-store at Walmart, also be sure to use this easy money-back app! Allergy moms have earned over $1,000 back with this handy tool! 


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Joy H.

Wednesday 8th of February 2023

My 17yo son has fairly recently developed lactose intolerance, and the challenge of going dairy free for one of five is real! I try hard to provide good and safe snacks for him, but we all enjoy the things I buy, and it's hard to have only things that are safe in the house... This list is super helpful! I appreciate you laying out the results of the work you've done for the rest of us!

Jamie Kaufmann

Thursday 16th of February 2023

My son is 17, too, Joy! We are so happy to help. Always check labels but hopefully we give you a good starting point. xoxo

Patrick McCarthy

Friday 16th of December 2022

Thank you so much for doing this site!! Just learned my adult bro who has autism needs to go dairy-free, and finding anything dairy-free is a challenge, as you know. He went to a holiday party yesterday where pizza & cupcakes -- with dairy, of course — were served. Of course he couldn’t partake (we had sent him with his own dairy-free items). Your site has made our situation a little less impossible!! Much appreciated.

Jamie Kaufmann

Sunday 18th of December 2022

So happy to help, Patrick. Definitely not impossible, just takes some time to learn. Your brother can enjoy all kinds of foods, you got this. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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