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Amanda’s Smoocharoos

For eighteen years, my son with milk allergy went without ever tasting a Hershey Kiss chocolate candy. 

But everything changed this year, and he can now enjoy dairy-free and nut-free Smoocharoos, the perfect allergy-friendly alternative! 

See below for more info and where to order.

candy heart jar of dairy free kisses chocolate

That’s right. We have these adorable foil-wrapped chocolate candies filling our candy dish right now. 

And the kiddos couldn’t be happier!

You can buy these creamy delicious Smoocharoos online and have them ship right to your door. 

They are perfect for holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. 

But really, they are amazing all year round! 

Throw them into your child’s lunch or enjoy as an after school snack. 

You’ll receive 14 of these hand-wrapped chocolates in each package, 14 big Smoocharoos for your kids!

We can’t thank Amanda’s Own enough for making these chocolates safe for our allergies.

Finally, my kiddo isn’t left out of the fun. 

And wrapped neatly with a bow in a special added touch, what’s not to love?

Just three simple ingredients, see the label on our package below. But always double-check labels for yourself. 

bag of amanda's own smoocharoos dairy free chocolate kisses

Amanda’s Own Confections actually touts several highlights that food allergy parents will love, not just simple ingredients.


Here is what’s to love about Amanda’s Own Confections:

  • top 14 allergen free
  • vegan
  • all-natural
  • kosher
  • dedicated facility
  • allergy mom owned
  • treats galore for holidays

We are not an affiliate for Amanda’s but did receive these Smoocharoos from them so we could write this post and share. We are huge fans and are always excited to partner with them and to spread the word about their delicious dairy-free chocolate for milk allergy families! 

My son cannot wait for me to order more! 

Click below to peruse Amanda’s Own candy treats and to order for yourself. 




To learn more about Amanda’s Own, see our fun video interview

And you may want to try these Smoocharoos with our peanut butter cookie recipe


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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