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Choco Yums Chocolate Candies by YumEarth

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Looking for M&M type candy that’s dairy-free?

We have great news! After wishing for these for over a decade…

we milk allergy families now have a couple chocolate candy options. 

Life is good! See below.

bowl of vegan M&M type candy by yum earth

The first time I saw these dairy-free chocolate candies…

it was at my local health food store, and I think I did a happy dance right there in the aisle. 

We spent so many years telling my kiddo he couldn’t have M&M’s because of his milk allergy. 

And our best substitute was dairy-free chocolate chips

They did the trick, but definitely were not candy coated deliciousness. 

Then when I saw these Choco Yums locally, not only was I shocked to see a box of dairy-free chocolate flavor. 

But there were THREE milk-free, allergy-friendly flavors to choose from.

My kid was going to be SO HAPPY!


  • chocolate
  • mint
  • quinoa crunch

We tried all three and loved them all. 

They are about the same size as an M&M, which kiddo appreciates. 

Additionally though, as a mom, there are even more things I can appreciate about these beauties. 


  • made by an allergy-friendly company that we know and love, YumEarth
  • top 8 allergens free
  • non-GMO verified
  • fair trade certified ingredients
  • labeled vegan
  • natural coloring, no dyes

Here is our package of chocolate Choco Yums. 

See the ingredients below, too. 

Plus, I’ll show you the other flavors down below, as well. 

box of allergy friendly m&m type candy

If you are used to the vibrant colors of mainstream candy coated chocolates, 

you will notice how this dairy-free version has more earthy colors due to the natural dyes. 

But they taste so darn good and are still so pretty and fun to eat.

Granted, the excellent quality of these candies can make them a little pricier than mainstream as you would expect.

Making them stretch, though, is totally possible if you don’t want to just hand over a box for your kiddo to devour in fifteen minutes. 


Here are the ingredients on our box of the plain chocolate candies. 

See the other flavors below, too.

Here are all three flavors at my local health food store. 

Mint is so tasty.

Imagine dropping those into homemade hot chocolate, to melt down into minty cocoa. 

And I love that YumEarth added crunch with quinoa in a different variety!

Even if this is the only way your kids will ever eat quinoa, it’s a win. Ha ha. 

3 boxes of yum earth choco yums

If you can’t find these in a local health store like me. 

Or if you’re more the ship-to-door kind of grocery shopper…

you can conveniently order Coco Yums and other delicious YumEarth products at one of our favorite online grocers. 

Get free shipping on $50 orders, too!


We hope you get to try these super fun candies! 

Let us know if you do.

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Amy Covert

Tuesday 26th of December 2023

Man, wish these were safe for us. Unfortunately, they are made on the same line as other milk products. Pretty disappointing. Not a fan of the misleading labeling.

Jamie Kaufmann

Saturday 30th of December 2023

I'm sorry they won't work for you. Have you checked out No Whey?


Monday 9th of January 2023

These are a fun treat for my now 4yo milk allergic daughter. I’ve bought them occasionally in the last couple of years (the regular chocolate flavor ones have been around at least that long), but it’s kind of a splurge because they were around $10 for 3 small plastic packs the last time I bought them. I haven’t seen them in the box before and unfortunately I’ve never seen them in a store and have only ordered online. It’s so nice having more and more safe treats available, but I wish they weren’t all so much pricier than the regular things!

Jamie Kaufmann

Tuesday 10th of January 2023

Hi Erin! You may be thinking of the No Whey brand. They are a little larger candies and come in bags. Alas, both are definitely more expensive than mainstream. Definitely a splurge for us.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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