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Canned Foods Dairy-Free

Homemade food from scratch is always the preferred way to feed my family. 

But sometimes we need quick food in a pinch, or want to restock our emergency kit with shelf-stable food options. 

So here are some of our favorite dairy-free canned goods.

As always, double-check labels and make sure they are safe for your food allergies. 

Canned chili is super hearty.

This one just needs heated and tastes great with Fritos on top. 

Or put it on tortilla chips for delicious nachos.

Even though we love our homemade chili recipe, this is great in a pinch. 

Here are the ingredients, but always check them for yourself, too.

Not all Hormel canned chili is dairy-free.

When I started buying canned chili for our dairy-free emergency kit, hubby chimed in with his favorite brands. 

So I also picked up this Chilli Man can.

With beans, it makes a great soup. 

We also like Chilli Man without beans for chili dogs.

A package of hot dogs wouldn’t travel well if we were displaced by a tornado. 

But if we were quarantined because of virus, chili dogs would be an easy meal.

Here are the ingredients on our can of Chilli Man. 

Always check labels for yourself as ingredients can change.

While we are on the topic of beans, how about some baked beans for your emergency kit?

Already flavored and ready to go, our family has eaten these Bush’s baked beans for years.

And not to obsess about hot dogs, but again…

if you were stuck in your house for a couple weeks,

the kids would love some beanies and weanies for dinner! 

Here are Bush’s baked beans ingredients. 

You know the drill, check labels for yourself.

Oh boy, more beans! 

Wow, I didn’t realize I bought this many beans. 

But hey, your family will appreciate the variety. 

Canned refried beans by Old El Paso are already seasoned and just need heated. 

They would serve well alongside rice, tortilla chips, or in tortillas for a hearty meal.

Great for in the home or anywhere outside of it with a microwave.

Here are the ingredients on our can of refried beans. 

Check your labels before eating.

Ok good, we’ve moved beyond beans. 

Here’s my fam’s favorite canned soup, Campbell’s Tomato. 

Just add water, and you have yourself a quick, microwave lunch in a pinch. 

If you are stuck at home, this tastes great alongside dairy-free grilled cheese sandwiches.

Here is the label on our canned tomato soup.

Check Campbell’s labels for yourself. 

While I’d much rather buy frozen or fresh vegetables, 

canned vegetables work well for our emergency kits. 

So here are a couple of our favorites.

Kiddos love canned corn. 

And canned cream corn is a favorite, too!

If you’re stuck at home, this easy peasy corn casserole may be just what you need.

It only requires shelf-stable foods, canned corn and crackers.

Green beans are a family favorite, as well. 

We actually prefer our green beans from a can if not fresh from Grandma’s garden. 

So there’s that.

And my kids’ absolute favorite canned good of all time is mandarin oranges. 

As in, they think this a holiday must-have. 

So in the case that we really find ourselves in an emergency displacing us from home or keeping us at home…

at least my kids will feel a little comfort enjoying their favorite canned fruit.

Ingredients below but check labels for yourself.

For more dairy-free, shelf-stable fruit ideas, check these out. 

Dried Fruit

Fruit Leathers

Fruit Chips

milk free canned food


For natural disasters, emergencies, lockdowns, and more…

here are more items in our dairy-free emergency kit.

If you have more dairy-free canned goods that you can recommend, we would love to hear in the comments. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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