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Fish Fillet Sandwiches With Van De Kamp’s

Quick Fish Sandwich Dairy Free


Fish for dinner is one of my personal favorites. 

When hubby and I eat out on a rare date night, I’ll scour the menu first for a delicious fish meal. 

And even though it’s not as good as when someone else makes it, 

I like to try new fish dinner ideas at home, too. 

My boys have never been allergic to fish, thankfully.

But my kiddo with milk allergy does show shellfish allergy in his testing. 

So while catfish, cod, tilapia, tuna are safe options at our house, 

shellfish like crab, lobster, shrimp do not work for us.

Sometimes I buy frozen tilapia filets and serve them with rice and steamed veggies.

But other times I grab frozen cod filets to make easy dairy-free fish sandwiches.

We just had these the other day in the car on the way to Bible study,

and kiddo said he definitely wants them again soon.

Sure thing, kiddo! 

Our quick fish sandwich dinners definitely give fast food a run for their money. 

We serve our fish sandwiches on dairy-free buns.

We often add a slice of dairy-free cheese and never leave out tarter sauce made simply with mayo and pickle relish. 

If we have ice burg lettuce on hand, we add that, too. 

Served with sweet potato fries and fruit, we have a pretty rounded meal that fills the kiddos up. 

Our favorite frozen cod filets, shown below, are great to have on hand for this 30-minute dinner. 

And it’s fun that there are a few varieties on Walmart pick-up:

crunchy breaded

beer battered

crispy battered

That means I can keep fish sandwiches exciting around here simply by mixing up the breading or batter. 

Or I’ve even made fish sandwiches with our tilapia filets, no breading or batter at all. 

If you’re wondering what brand of fish we use for our fish sandwiches, 

here’s what we have eaten for more than a decade. Ingredients below, too. 

Van De Kamps Fish Fillets

You’ll always want to check labels because ingredients can change. 

But here’s the label on our box for your convenience. 

Because our allergist doesn’t suggest it for us, we don’t need to call companies for processing information. 

If your allergist tells you to, please make sure you do. 

The company website is also linked below for you. 

We hope this gives you another quick dinner idea for those busy nights at your house. 

These are definitely kid-approved at ours. 

For more information, visit the Van De Kamp’s website

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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