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Food Allergy Alert ID Tags

Looking for a food allergy ID option that your boys (and girls!) will like wearing? 

We found the perfect solution!

personalized allergy identification

If you’re managing food allergy life for a kiddo, 

you know there are so many products we spend nights thinking about and contemplating. 

For me, one of those things was medical identification. 

That’s why I’m excited to share a really cool option we found several years ago, 

when some of my homeschool moms were creating personalized dog tags for school rewards

Think reading rewards, trophy and ribbon alternative, etc. 

Such a fun idea that kids love!

And that’s when my food allergy mom light bulb went off. 

My food allergy kiddo was old enough to safely wear necklaces. 

So I ran this idea by him. 

To my surprise, he was totally game for an allergy ID necklace he could wear around his neck. 

Granted, we were homeschooling, and he was rarely not with me for many years. 

But this dog tag ID hung by our front door with our keys, and he especially put it on for long road trips. 

You know that mom worry of getting in a car accident and not being able to advocate for your child’s needs. 

I know I’m not the only one. 

Still to this day, my teen has this at our door. 

And we have a second dog tag he can clip to his epi bag for his days away at school now. 

The even better part? These dog tags can be completely personalized however you want them. 

Plus, they are SO affordable!

Seriously, they are just $3 each, including your choice of metal and rubber silencer. 

We chose a “teal” silencer for food allergy awareness. 

But a red silencer would work really well for drawing attention as an alert. 

In addition, they come with a ball keychain and ship free!

It’s honestly hard to believe what all we get for $6 (they come in sets of two). 

So you’ll have one for a necklace, one for a keychain!

To make a necklace, just hit your craft store for a roll of ball chain. Super easy.

Even with that, these dog tags are still really affordable and worth it. 

We are not an affiliate at all, just big fans. 


To order your own personalized dog tags, 

head over to the Tag-Z website to start creating your own set today. 

Let us know what you order, we’d love to hear!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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