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Chicken Tender Salad & Honey Mustard Dressing Dairy-Free

Looking for a green salad your kids will actually eat?

Try chicken tenders and honey mustard on a bed of lettuce.

See our easy recipe below!

chicken tender salad honey mustard dressing


That’s right, my kids gobble this lettuce salad right up. 

Because chicken tenders, Fritos, and homemade honey mustard make eating lettuce worth it! 

This is the perfect summer salad that’s so easy to make. 

Even better, it takes less than 30 minutes!

My husband also thinks it’s a delicious dinner. 

Myself, I like to eat mine with leftover roasted chicken breast

But if you want the easy way out, simply bake dairy-free chicken tenders (double check labels) in the oven. 

And while the chicken is baking, wash and prepare lettuce and tomato. 

We like to use romaine lettuce and typically dice a large tomato. 

Feel free to use leafy or iceberg lettuce if you’d like. 

And if you really want to bring this up a notch, add diced onion and avocado! Mom’s fave.

After the veggies are washed and cut, prepare homemade honey mustard dressing. 

Our recipe is dairy-free and it can be egg-free, as well. See link below.

honey mustard dairy free

Dairy & Egg Free Honey Mustard Dressing

When the chicken is done cooking per the bag’s instructions, 

let it cool a bit while you start building your salads. 

Start with clean, cut lettuce on the bottom. 

Top with tomatoes. Consider adding avocado and onions, as well.  

Then top with warm chicken tenders, you may want to cut these into bite-size pieces for kids. 

Finish off with corn chips on top. 

Then drizzle with homemade honey mustard dressing!

See simple recipe below. 


romaine lettuce
diced tomatoes
diced avocado
diced onions
cooked chicken tenders or cooked chicken breast
honey mustard dressing


Cook chicken tenders. 

Clean and cut romaine lettuce. 

Clean and dice tomato, avocado, onion.

Make honey mustard dressing (recipe linked above).

Prepare lettuce in individual bowls. 

Top lettuce with diced tomatoes, avocado, onion. 

Add cooked chicken, cut to bite-size pieces or in whole strips. 

Garnish with Fritos.

Finish off with honey mustard dressing. 

Hope you love this chicken tender salad with honey mustard dressing as much as we do!

honey mustard chicken tender salad

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Jamie Kaufmann

Saturday 25th of September 2010

hi jeannie

i do have my dressing recipes listed under "dressings" here on the blog. none of them are my originals but we like them. :)


Saturday 25th of September 2010

oh please share youre recipe for youre homemade honey mustard salad dressing its my one splurge item and i would love to make it myself

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