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No Bake Peanut Butter Pie Dairy-Free

Looking for a dairy-free cream pie that everyone will eat?

Then look no further!

This peanut butter pie is shockingly delicious, let’s chat!

Dairy & Egg Free Vegan Peanut Butter Pie | Milk Allergy Mom


You told us on Facebook that you needed this recipe pronto. 

So I cleared the schedule and am getting this done before Thanksgiving break is even over. 

I love you that much. 

And I love this pie that much, bwahahaha!

It’s no family secret that when Thanksgiving approaches, 

the big question is, “What pie will Jamie eat?”

Y’all, I don’t like pie. 

Apple pie, pumpkin pie, I can make them. 

And I’m told they’re delicious. But meh, I’d rather have chocolate. 

Why waste calories on something you don’t love?

But this year we started TWO new pie traditions…

ones that the kids…and Jamie…like. HA. 

I first made a cookie pie, great idea from my kiddo!


Peanut Butter Pie Dairy-Free


Then at 10pm on Thanksgiving Eve, I saw one of our member mamas making peanut butter pie. 

What? What was this? Creamy, peanut butter pie with whip and CHOCOLATE?

And my most favorite crust if I’m gonna eat a pie, graham cracker crust?

I was in. 

So I started scouring recipes online for dairy-free peanut butter pie. 

But as is usual, no one recipe spoke to me. 

My options were tofu, dairy-free yogurt, canned coconut milk, dairy-free cream cheese…

As is often the case, my girl Alissa at Go Dairy Free had the most promising recipe I could find. 

With a few tweaks, Milk Allergy Mom style, we were off to the races. 

By 11pm, I had a dairy-free peanut butter pie setting in the refrigerator. 

Only 12 hours later would I learn that this recipe was a smashing success, my favorite new Thanksgiving dish of the day. 

And the pickiest kid in the family ate up his piece like a boss.

Please nobody tell him it had soy cream cheese and canned coconut milk, ha!

Several peanut butter pie recipes online have a layer of whipped cream on the top. 

However, that just seemed like another level of possible disaster for me. 

So we opted for “add your own whip”, which meant those not dairy-free could use what they wanted. 

Kiddo and I used spray coconut whip for the win

Plus this transported to Grandma’s with plastic wrap over the top much better without a top layer of whipped cream.

The recipe at Go Dairy-Free turned out spot on, great tips for whipping up the mixture to set beautifully. 

Using our favorite dairy-free cream cheese and favorite canned coconut milk worked splendidly. 

This does NOT taste dairy-free, you guys. 

The peanut butter shines in this recipe. 

And if you can’t do peanut butter, I’m sure you can sub with your allergy-friendly option.

It’s hard to believe this recipe contains no egg, awesome for our allergic friends. 

I just have a few ingredient adjustments to share below.

Dairy & Egg Free Vegan Peanut Butter Pie | Milk Allergy Mom


I made a graham cracker crust, see recipe below

I used powdered sugar instead of sugar

I left out the extra 2 Tbs. of peanut butter

The xanthan gum was omitted

I used the best canned coconut milk (affiliate) 

I used our favorite dairy-free cream cheese

We garnished with whipped cream and mini Enjoy Life chips


Then seriously, just follow all the mixing and whipping instructions to a T. 

You will fall in love with this easy no-bake pie recipe!!!

Our graham cracker crust recipe is below.

Kiddo whipped up the crust (hammer involved) while I mixed up the peanut butter mixture.


Dairy & Egg Free Vegan Peanut Butter Pie | Milk Allergy Mom




1-1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
3 tablespoons brown sugar
pinch of salt
4 tablespoons melted dairy-free butter
2 tablespoons melted coconut oil


Crush graham crackers in a baggy, with a kitchen mallet. 

Measure crumbs to 1-1/2 cups. 

Add crumbs to a large bowl. 

Add brown sugar, salt, butter, and coconut oil to the bowl of crumbs.

Mix together. 

Press into the bottom of a pie plate, using the flat bottom of a glass for the bottom. 

And pressing into the sides with your fingers.

Bake 8-10 minutes on 325 in the oven until golden brown. 

Let cool before filling with pie mixture. 

Here’s the dairy-free peanut butter pie recipe!



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Thursday 27th of July 2023

where is the recipe, I wood like to make this

Jamie Kaufmann

Thursday 27th of July 2023

Hi Cathy, it's linked at the very bottom of the post...over to our friend Go Dairy Free. :) Hope that helps!


Tuesday 17th of November 2020

There is no recipe for the pie.

Jamie Kaufmann

Wednesday 18th of November 2020

It's linked at the bottom. :)


Monday 14th of September 2020

Please send me the Vegan Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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