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Cream Cheese Dairy-Free by Tofutti

Needing dairy-free cream cheese in your life? 

Have a recipe that calls for it, but you need it milk-free?

Or just want to finally enjoy a bagel with cream cheese, but have milk allergy?

Great news! We’ve used dairy-free cream cheese all these ways for seventeen years.

Here’s our favorite!

tub of dairy free cream cheese

PLEASE NOTE: Here at Milk Allergy Mom, we simply share products that work for our family. Please consult your own doctor before trying food, supplements, or other products. Also read all labels and call companies for the latest, most accurate product information before consuming.

Hey friends, I’m often asked our favorite dairy-free cream cheese.

And yes, we do have one!

For over a decade, we have used Tofutti soy cream cheese. 

It was one of the first dairy-free brands,

and they still make wonderful products that we use regularly.

Their cream cheese, especially when mixed with other ingredients,

tastes pretty close to the real thing.

My dairy-free kiddo likes it, and even my dairy-loving hubby thinks it’s good. 

While kiddo isn’t much for cream cheese on a dairy-free bagel, 

I do use it in several recipes. 

These dishes wouldn’t be possible for our family without dairy-free cream cheese. 

So we are thankful.

Here are some to check out!


fruit pizza

cream cheese mints

pumpkin bars

peanut butter pie

dairy-free lasagna


And here’s one more Tofutti product we really like, ice cream sandwiches.

My kiddo used to love their hot pockets and frozen pizzas, too.

But sadly, Tofutti doesn’t offer those anymore.

If you can have it, hope you like the dairy-free cream cheese as much as we do!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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