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Amanda’s Valentine Chocolate

Does your little Valentine need some dairy-free chocolate?

Check out this adorable candy you can buy and have shipped right to your door.

One of our favorite allergy-friendly treats for over a decade!

valentine chocolate countdown dairy free

If you’re like me and missed the Christmas chocolate countdown this year…

I have great news!

We can redeem ourselves with this adorable countdown to Valentine’s Day!

My kiddo just received his in the mail, and it is everything I hoped it would be. 

Amanda’s Own Confections truly never disappoints. 

Every holiday, we can order special dairy-free chocolate that makes us feel included and special. 

You can tell this company pays attention to detail and makes everything perfect for its customers. 

With this Valentine countdown, I’m super excited to see that the chocolates are each foil wrapped for extra freshness. 

Plus, the colorful foils add another fun touch for our kiddos who don’t often get special treats like this. 

They get to open each door and unwrap each piece with enthusiastic anticipation. 

And look at the adorable art work on that box! 

There’s just so much to love about Amanda’s Own and not just that they are dairy-free.


  • top 14 allergen-free
  • vegan
  • all-natural
  • kosher
  • made in a dedicated facility

Maybe I’m biased, but it also means a lot to me that this is a small company is founded and owned by a fellow food allergy mom. And it’s been around as long as we have. 

Both Amanda’s Own and Milk Allergy Mom began in about 2005! We were both in this for the long-haul to help fellow food allergy families. 

To order your very own Amanda’s Own chocolates, head over to their website and peruse all the goodies! 

Have fun choosing! And don’t delay, because I know they sell out every holiday. 

We are not affiliates but did receive our Valentine chocolate countdown for making this post and helping spread the word. I’m always thrilled to partner with these guys. We all need them! 




You can meet the owner, Beth, and learn more about this awesome company in our fun video interview.

Also, be sure to check out Amanda’s Own Smoocharoos! 

This was originally posted in February 2019.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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