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MILK ADVISORY: Children’s Advil Suspension Blue Raspberry Liquid

Advil Blue Raspberry Milk Alert


Hey milk allergy families, be sure to check out this article over at Snack Safely

Milk allergy moms have been hearing from Advil reps that the blue raspberry liquid children’s flavor contains milk. 

And we want you to be careful.

Below are the labels from a fellow mom, but always double-check them yourself. Ingredients can change.

We don’t see where milk is listed. ???

Remember, because this isn’t packaged food, labeling laws are different.

The Snack Safely site will get into that more. 

For now, allergy parents may want to call medicine companies first to make sure medicines do not contain your allergens. 



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Wednesday 21st of July 2021

I know you said you can’t tell which ingredient contains milk and neither can I. I would like to see the email directly from Advil just to further help to understand which ingredients can be a possible problem in the future. I thought that in the US, it was a labeling law to disclose one of the top eight allergens, but i know things change daily and I can’t rely on what I remember. I will have to do a little more investigation. This is sad if it is true.

Jamie Kaufmann

Friday 23rd of July 2021

Hi Paige, just click the link over to Snack Safely, and you can see the email they received. Hope that helps.

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