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Crushing the Peanut OIT Book

peanut OIT book


The food allergy world is abuzz with peanut pill OIT right now. 

And this reminded me of this little gem I bought myself a few years ago. 

We were just starting to embark on our own oralimmunotherapy journey with our preteen kidddo. 

And this mama needed all the reassurance she could muster up. 

This book, Crushing the Peanut (affiliate link), was a huge encouragement. 

And you can conveniently snag it on Amazon! (affiliate link)

Although it’s about peanut OIT, and we were going to tackle desensitizing milk allergy…

there was much to glean from this book. 

It was written in 2017, right when we started OIT. 

What I remember most is learning how allergists differ in approach so much right now. 

I was also encouraged that this was a real life story of a teenager beating his food allergy with treatment. 

So many times we are told the longer we wait, the worse off we are. 

No moms wanna hear that. 

If you are looking into desensitization for any kind of food allergy, I highly recommend this book. 

You can also learn more about OIT in this video with my allergist

You can also follow along my own OIT journey inside Milk Allergy Mom Membership

where we did a book club with this book that you can still access inside…

and where our allergists have done several OIT deep-dive videos with us. 

Mama, you have a lot of helpful information at your fingertips concerning food allergy treatment.

I could only dream of this kind of hope a decade ago. 

Snag this book, hop in MAM membership, and let’s kick allergies to the curb!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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