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Cold Pizza Lunchable Dairy-Free

Are there dairy-free lunchables?

There are when you make them, and they are so easy!

We even make PIZZA lunchables without dairy, a total kid favorite.

Here’s how we do it.

bento lunch box for cold pizza

As part of Money Saving Mom’s Freezer Lunchbox Series,

we enthusiastically tackled a dairy-free version of freezer pizza lunchables.

My boys had never had a lunchable before, and I had to wonder…

would they really like cold pizza?

How in the world do kids eat these things cold, anyways?

Then I decided, why not.

Let’s see if these lunchables are all they’re cracked up to be.

Turns out, my kids not only had a great time assembling their own pizza lunchable,

but they also enjoyed eating cold pizza. 

Plus, they keep asking to make more.

Cold pizza and easy, fun lunch for the win.

Here’s how we make our dairy-free version of pizza lunchables.


Yes! That’s why I have a set of 4 bento boxes (affiliate).

Actually, I wish I had a few more. 

That way I can make several of these pizza lunchables for the week. 

Keep them in the refrigerator or even freeze them for longer. 


Of course, with a milk allergy, you’ll want to use dairy-free cheese that’s safe for all your allergies. 

From there, I really like to use cheese squares cut into 6-8 pieces. 

This makes it very easy for the kiddos to build their pizzas AND to eat them mess-free. 

Shredded cheese would be much more difficult and messy. 

Now here’s how to make them and what’s in our bento box.

bento box pizza lunchable


Here’s what we packed in our dairy-free bento box. 

Make sure all these items are safe for your food allergies. Always check labels. Call companies if need be. Be safe!


  • dairy-free pita
  • dairy-free cheese slice
  • dairy-free pepperoni
  • black olives
  • pizza sauce
  • natural fruit bar

Since people often ask us what brands we use, I’ll list them for you below.

Just be sure to check labels on these brands to see if they work for your own allergies. 


Pitas: We get our pitas from Meijer, Aldi, or Sam’s Club. 

Cheese Slices: Here are our favorite dairy-free cheese slices.

Pepperoni: Applegate pepperoni is tasty and allergy-friendly. Hormel and Aldi brand also work for us.

Sauce: This is our easy homemade pizza sauce recipe.

Fruit Bars: These are one of our favorite natural fruit bars.


1. First, whip up a batch of pizza sauce. No cook, just 4 ingredients. See recipe above.

2. Store individual sauce servings in small dip containers (affiliate) with lids.

3. Next, pull out your bento boxes or freezer baggies. 

4. Cut the cheese slices into 6-8 small rectangles.

5. Cut the pitas into 4 fourths. 

6. Cut the pepperoni to bite size, if need be.

7. To each bento box or freezer bag, add a container of sauce along with cheese, pepperoni, and a pita. 

8. Put the lunchables into the refrigerator for up to a week. 

9. Pull out a lunchable for your kids as needed and let them have fun assembling their own cold pizza. 


If you’re excited to make your own bento box lunches…

here are some of our favorite bento supplies

Hope your family loves cold pizza lunchables, dairy-free, as much as we do!

See Money Saving Mom’s pizza lunchable post here


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Friday 28th of September 2012

I am not a cold pizza girl but I bet this are a hit with kids! I wish Daiya would make slices like Tofutti. Back before soy was out, I used a lot of Tofutti stuff.

Jamie Kaufmann

Wednesday 26th of September 2012

Thanks, Dawn. Crescent rolls, I forgot about those! We never used them b/c I think they contain egg. Thanks for the reminder!


Tuesday 25th of September 2012

Your boys are so cute! This is so funny..there is just something about lunchables that make kids happy! We use pillsbury cresent rolls or the pizza dough for our pizzas. I usually cook 2 cresent rolls together (makes a square shape) with pizza sauce and sometimes daiya cheese and freeze them. I send them for lunch on a weekly basis. It saves ALOT of time.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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