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Cracker Sandwich Lunchable Lunch Box Dairy-Free

If your kiddos eye those cutesy lunchables at the store and wish they were safe for their milk allergy, we are here for you.

We’ve been making our own homemade build-your-own-sandwich lunchables for years. My kids are fans. Read on!

kid lunchable dairy-free pepperoni, crackers, banana, tomato, treat

Yep, we make our very own pepperoni lunchables, and my kids always enjoyed them. 

And when my kiddo without food allergies finally tried a real life, mainstream lunchable…

he didn’t finish it. HA!

That’s right, he didn’t even like it. 

He grew up on mom’s DIY lunchables and much preferred those over the carboard box version. 

Talk about a mom win right there. I’ll never forget it. 

Now about making your own lunchables!

pepperoni lunchable homemade dairy free

Even though we used pepperoni in this cracker sandwich lunchable…

any of your safe lunch meats will work, cut into bite-size. 

Ham, turkey, salami…you choose! 

You can’t go wrong when kiddos get to build their own sandwiches with crackers. 

Mini cracker sandwiches always win! 


Here’s what we packed in our dairy-free bento box. 

Make sure all these items are safe for your food allergies.

Always check labels. Call companies if need be. Be safe!

  • pepperoni
  • crackers
  • cherry tomatoes sliced
  • banana
  • rice treats

Here is the pepperoni we use. 

I love that these crackers come in individual sleeves for maximum freshness.

The best tomatoes are garden tomatoes in the summer and early fall. 

And here are rice treats my kids really like, with hidden veggie nutrients.


Bento boxes work so well for making your own lunchables.

For your convenience, here are our favorite bento supplies

And here are more bento lunches we’ve made, dairy-free.

Hope your family can enjoy this pepperoni lunchable lunch box! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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