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Sweet Roll Sandwich Lunch Box Dairy-Free

Ready to bring your lunch sandwich up a notch?

Try your favorite lunch meats on sweet bread!

Here’s how we make our dairy-free sweet roll sandwich, and my kiddo with milk allergy loves them.

lunch box with sweet roll  ham sandwich, chips, celery, strawberry, oreos

Growing up, one of my favorite sub sandwiches was from a restaurant that used simple salami, ham, cheese, and sweet bread. 

The restaurant was almost two hours away, and people always hauled these delicious sandwiches all the way home for the family to enjoy.

In fact, kids in our town still to this day sell these subs for fundraisers. Everyone wants to get their hands on these.

What makes these sandwiches so darn good?

The sweet bread!

So when I finally found a few different Hawaiian sweet rolls that worked for our dairy allergy…

I couldn’t wait to make my kiddo his own version of a sweet roll sub. 

As I expected, he was an immediate fan. 

And actually, now several kiddos look forward to my version of sweet roll sandwiches when they are here. 

My tiny little niece chows these down and asked her mom to start making them, too. 

That sure made me smile.

Now let’s talk about this dairy-free lunch box that your kids will probably ask for again and again once you get them started.

sweet bread ham sandwich lunch dairy free


To make our sweet bread sandwiches, we start with Hawaiian sweet rolls.

These sweet rolls work well for us. Always double-check labels though, as ingredients can change. And call the company if need be. 

For sweet bread easier to find at various stores, Aunt Millie’s has been an option for us. They have milk and sesame statements though so be sure to check the label and make sure those would be safe for you. 

Next up, my kiddo likes his sweet roll sandwiches best with our favorite ham lunch meat. 

But my second kid also adds salami.

Here’s our favorite lunch meat

Lastly, kiddo requests his favorite dairy-free cheese slices for these. 

Usually my son likes mayonnaise on his lunch sandwiches, but in this case, we skip it. 

Just good old sweet bread, ham, and cheese! 

It’s so simple and good.

  • dairy-free sweet bread
  • dairy-free lunch meat
  • dairy-free cheese

Now here’s what else is in our dairy-free bento lunch box. 


Here’s what we packed in our dairy-free bento box. 

Make sure all these items are safe for your food allergies.

Always check labels. Call companies if need be. Be safe!

  • sweet bread sandwich
  • kettle chips
  • celery pieces
  • sliced strawberries
  • sandwich cookies

We’ve found several brands of kettle chips that work for our food allergies. 

And we’ve enjoyed Original Oreos at our house for years and years. Check labels, call the company if need be, and use your best judgement. 

My kid really likes this simple cold lunch for school, and it’s easy to make! 


Bento boxes work so well for making your own lunchables.

For your convenience, here are our favorite bento supplies

And here are more bento lunches we’ve made, dairy-free.

Hope your family can enjoy this sweet bread sandwich lunch box like we do!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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