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Original Coconut Milk at Aldi

Looking for the best coconut milk? 

Thankfully, there are many brands these days, and we’ve tried most all of them. 

But a couple stand out above the rest, in my opinion, based on flavor.

Here are our two favorite brands of coconut milk and some recipes I use them in.

favorite dairy free coconut milk from aldi

In our milk allergy family, I’m the fan of coconut milk. 

My hubby and oldest son, however, most like oat milk

Meanwhile, my youngest is still a hold-out on almond milk. 

I guess we like to keep things interesting at our house. 

For today’s post we are chatting about my own favorite, coconut milk. 

And my other family members definitely enjoy the recipes I make with it. 

It’s just a matter of what we put on our cereal, I guess, that warrants all the differing opinions at our house.

Now let’s get to the best store bought coconut milk, shall we?


There are two brands of store bought coconut milk that are our favorites.

  • Aldi’s Friendly Farms Coconut Milk
  • Silk Unsweetened Coconut Milk


Before Aldi started selling coconut milk, I was a big fan of Silk coconut milk. 

It was easy to find at various stores. 

And it came unsweetened. I sure don’t need the added sugar. 

But what I most noticed about Silk coconut milk was that it was smooth. 

Several brands of coconut milk poured out rather chunky, and mama can’t do that. 

I poured several down the drain, concerned that they might have gone bad. 

I don’t know that they necessarily were past their prime but ew, I don’t like chunky milk. 

Silk coconut milk always pours out smooth and thick for me. 

Here’s what’s to like about Silk unsweetened coconut milk:

  • smooth, not chunky
  • just 40 calories per cup
  • sold at various stores
  • non-gmo
  • dairy and gluten free
  • thick and creamy


Then Aldi started carrying one option for coconut milk. 

Unfortunately, it’s not unsweetened. Instead, it’s original flavor with a little more sugar and calories.

But it has some good nutritional boosts.

Here’s what’s to love about Aldi Friendly Farms coconut milk:

  • affordable $3.50 per carton
  • dairy and gluten free
  • 80 calories per cup
  • 45% daily value of calcium
  • 25% daily value of vitamin D
  • 50% daily value of vitamin E
  • 50% daily value of vitamin B12
  • thick and creamy
  • great tasting

Even though it has more sugar than unsweetened coconut milk, it contains 40 calories less than Aldi’s oat milk.

And Aldi coconut milk contains more calcium than reduced fat dairy milk!

Below, see the ingredients on our carton of Aldi coconut milk to see if this will work for your food allergies. 

Since I shop weekly for our Aldi staple foods, Friendly Farms coconut milk is definitely what I keep stocked most at my house. 

Even though I’m not one to down a glass of milk or milk alternative for fun, here are some of our favorite recipes to make with coconut milk.

holding a carton of aldi dairy free coconut milk


Here are our five favorite dairy-free recipes to make using coconut milk. 

Basically, I use coconut milk in any smoothie or baked good recipe that calls for milk. 

On the flip side, my family likes oat milk when trying to bulk up protein or when I cook foods where we don’t want any hint of coconut flavor. 

Chicken dishes, protein shakes, gravy dishes…these work better with Aldi’s oat milk. 


Below are the ingredients on our carton of Friendly Farms coconut milk from Aldi. 

Of course, always double-check labels because ingredients can change. Also call the company for the latest manufacturing practices, if need be. 

In addition, as noted on the carton…this shouldn’t be used as a baby formula. 

Contact your doctor for dairy-free milk ideas for babies and children. 


Aldi Dairy-Free Snacks

Aldi Vegan Foods

And here’s why I’m loving Aldi’s new self-checkout! 

For more information on this coconut milk, visit the Aldi website

What is your favorite dairy-free milk? We’d love to hear! 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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