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Honey Sandwich Lunch Box Dairy Free

Some mornings call for mindless lunch packing. And this one qualifies.

Probably the easiest sandwich on the planet, but the kids love it. 

Here’s what’s in today’s bento lunch box for kids!

honey peanut butter sandwich lunch box with popcorn, broccoli, fruit chews, pineapple

Peanut butter is one of the easiest proteins to pack for kids. 

But it’s also one of the top 8 food allergens. 

So while it’s very easy to make peanut butter lunches for school…

please do make sure you’re aware of your school’s peanut policy. 

If it’s not allowed, find suitable substitutes like perhaps seed butter. 

Ask your school what’s approved. 

And if peanut butter IS allowed and your kiddo can safely eat it, please teach your child food allergy safety like washing hands after eating and not sharing food with others. 

If your kiddo is one with a peanut allergy, hopefully you have a substitute you can use that’s also allowed by the school. 

Or enjoy this lunch on weekends at home. Kids will love it anytime! 

I also made this a lot when I had preschoolers at home and as a home school mom always on lunch duty.

Now here’s our special little touch on the peanut butter sandwich. 

It’s not peanut butter and jelly. But it’s peanut butter and honey. 

I like to use unsweetened peanut butter so the kids really do like the sweet honey added. 

And with a squeeze bottle of honey on hand, these are definitely faster to make than PBJ.

peanut butter honey bento lunch dairy free


Here’s what we packed in our dairy-free bento box. 

Make sure all these items are safe for your food allergies. Always check labels. Call companies if need be. Be safe!

  • peanut butter (or substitute) & honey sandwich
  • bagged dairy-free popcorn
  • cut & washed fresh broccoli
  • canned pineapple chunks
  • fruit chews

For quick lunches, we use bagged popcorn.

These fruit chews are our absolute favorite, and I find them at Aldi.

Be sure to check labels on these brands to see if they work for you. 


If you’re excited to make your own bento box lunches…

here are some of our favorite bento supplies

And here are more bento lunches we’ve made, dairy-free.

Hope your family can enjoy peanut butter (or substitute) and honey sandwiches. 

Let us know if you do.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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