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Valentine Snack Board Dairy-Free

Snack boards are all the rage. 

And milk allergy won’t keep us from the fun.

Check out our dairy-free Valentine snack board kids will love!

valentine snack board dairy free

I may be a boy mom, but that doesn’t mean my kids don’t enjoy a good snack board for Valentine’s Day!

And this year, I took it pretty easy on myself. 

No baking, no cutting things into hearts. 

I went all pre-packaged and store-bought. 

And I’m feeling pretty good about myself, ha ha. 

In fact, I didn’t even melt chocolate like in years past…although our chocolate fondue is pretty spectacular. 

This year, Valentine’s Day is the day after the Super Bowl plus a few days after a family birthday. 

So this mom is tired. 

Dairy-free chocolate is included in our fun, of course.

But I just handed it to my teens in the way of chocolate bars found at our local health store.

Easy peasy and nobody minds. 

Now as for the snack board, I have it ready to go for after school. 

Shhhhhh, don’t tell the fam that I grocery shopped on February 14.

That can be our little secret. 

Here’s what it includes! 

valentine snack board red dairy-free

I didn’t go chocolate fondue, and I also didn’t go super healthy. 

We’ve got a little sugar on this board today. 

The cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds, though, will count as a healthy treat. 

As well as, you can never go wrong with strawberries for Valentine’s Day.

Or check out theses adorable pineberries.

Then I found these yummy candies at Target. 

Raspberry gummy hearts by Jelly Belly. My favorite! 

PLEASE NOTE: Here at Milk Allergy Mom, we simply share products that work for our family. Please consult your own doctor before trying food, supplements, or other products. Also read all labels and call companies for the latest, most accurate product information.

jelly belly hearts

Jelly Belly raspberry hearts label:

My kids also love all things Starburst and especially Starburst jelly beans. 

So we had to get these HEART Starburst jelly beans when we found them, yeah baby!

Ingredients shown below, but always double-check labels for yourself. 

heart starburst jelly beans


Another sweet goody on our milk-free Valentine snack board includes natural marshmallows.

Yep, my kids will eat them plain. They are so good!

In addition, our Valentine snack board this year includes dried cherries from Aldi. 

Here are more of our favorite Aldi staples if you’d like to see. 

I save so much money shopping Aldi.

And lastly, our board has the finishing touch of Oreo Thins.

Ingredients on our label shown below.



As always, double-check ingredients and call companies if you must. 



To recap,  here’s what’s on our dairy and nut free snack board this Valentine’s Day.

  • strawberries
  • pumpkin seeds
  • natural marshmallows
  • heart jelly beans
  • gummy hearts
  • Oreo thins

Mostly sugar, a little healthy. 

We’ll cut the sugar tomorrow, right? 

I love how we kept the board mostly black, white, and red. 

So cute and cohesive. 

Just use a clean, wooden cutting board to put your snacks on.

No need to go out and buy an official charcuterie board, although you can if you want!  

If you’re inside Milk Allergy Mom Membership, be sure to hop in our support group and show us your Valentine treats this year. 

We would love to see!

If you’re not yet a member, we’d love to walk alongside you for the best, help, hope, and fun on this food allergy adventure. 

Together, we can do this. And holidays are our favorite! Join us here.

Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of fun, delicious, dairy-free treats the whole family can enjoy. 



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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