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15 Christmas Tradition Ideas for Food Allergy Families

15 Christmas Traditions for Families with Food Allergies


Recently on our Facebook Page,

we’ve been hearing a lot of moms ask about holiday tradition ideas for food allergy families.

Some of these moms are new to allergy…

wondering how the heck to do all these food events safely.

Some are seasoned food allergy moms just looking for new ideas.

So I decided to turn to my kids,

over the age of 10,

to find out their favorite Christmas activities from over the years.

I loved their responses and had to share!

Christmas Traditions for Food Allergy Families

Most of these favorite things are simple, easy, family time…

that can even be done last minute, the week of Christmas, or into the 12 days after Christmas.

I’ve listed them below for your convenience…

along with plenty of links to allergy-friendly specifics.

Looking back, I guess we have turned a lot of traditional holiday experiences into allergy-safe fun.

You can do this, too!

And yes, marshmallow bingo is a real thing.

My kids don’t think it’s Christmas until we’ve played it and eaten all the marshmallow markers when we’re done.

Try it!

As an added bonus, we have these ideas in a printable list in our allergy binder library for our members.

Here’s the list, we hope you’re inspired!

Christmas Traditions for Food Allergy Families


1. Make Shrinky Dink Ornaments (affiliate)

2. Create an instant hot cocoa bar for all winter long

3. Enjoy allergy-friendly egg nog (soy, almond, coconut, etc) by the fire

4. Build allergy-friendly gingerbread houses

5. Host an allergy-friendly chocolate fondue party

6. Watch a favorite holiday movie with popcorn

7. Drive around with a Thermos of heated chocolate milk & look at Christmas lights

8. Serve others (nursing homes, bell-ringing, help neighbors, etc.)

9. Set aside a whole day to bake and cover everything in dairy-free chocolate

10. Decorate sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles

11. Make a Christmas list collage with pictures from magazines, flyers, and ads

12. Countdown Christmas with a daily advent together

13. Attend a live holiday show: music, theater, dance, etc.

14. Put on a family Christmas play and video record it on your phone

15. Play Christmas bingo with marshmallow markers (Google free printable cards)

Christmas Traditions for Food Allergy Families

Now let us know if there are any allergy-friendly Christmas traditions we need to add to our list!

We would love to hear your ideas.

Have a happy December!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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