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Coconut Whip Cream at Aldi

Is there a good coconut whipped topping? You bet!

We are obsessed with this plant-based spray whipped cream right now.

See ingredients on our can below along with a few yummy recipes you can couple with this awesome canned whip. 

spray whip cream dairy free aldi

I know I’ve been singing the praises of Aldi quite a bit lately. 

But they seriously carry so many amazing food options for our milk allergy family. 

From all our favorite natural staples to dairy-free snacks to all the vegan goodies

And as I grocery shop week after week, I keep thinking of more dairy-free food finds you may like!

Some we’ve bought for quite awhile. Some are up and coming brand new. 

For instance, this dairy-free canned whipped cream we’ve purchased for well over a year. 

It’s something I always keep stocked in my refrigerator and thought hey…it’s time to share. 

We are obviously fans!

As always, double-check the labels because ingredients can change. And call the company for manufacturing processes if you need to. Just because these work for our allergies, doesn’t mean they will work for yours. Be safe!

Besides right out of the can, looking at you youngest son…

we enjoy this whipped cream on many of our favorite dairy-free treats. 



Some of these dairy-free whipped cream brands can have temperamental cans.

So we’ve used a few tricks to make sure we are spraying actual topping and not just air.

LET SIT – Remove from the refrigerator for a few minutes before using. 

UPSIDE DOWN – Tip the can upside down while letting it sit a few minutes.

KEEP CLEAN – Before spraying, remove any clog by swirling the tip in a warm glass of water.

GOOD SHAKE – Give good vigorous shakes to move the whip cream down to the nozzle. 

WARM WATER – If these tricks still have you spraying air, some run warm water over the can for 30 seconds.

 Overall, we’ve not had a big problem with this brand and tend to use it all up with nothing left in the can.

Then, of course, I go buy a new one! Ha ha. 

Below are the ingredients on our can of coconut whipped cream from Aldi, by Friendly Farms.

Always double-check labels, though. Ingredients can change. And call Aldi for manufacturing info, if need be. 

This is coconut based and does contain coconut. It’s labeled as non-dairy and plant-based. 

If you can’t do coconut, perhaps look into this almond-based whipped cream.

For more information, visit the Aldi website

We hope you can give this plant-based whipped cream a try!


store-bought dairy-free whipped cream in a tub

homemade coconut whipped cream

mainstream vegan spray whipped cream

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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