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Cheese Shreds Dairy-Free by Daiya

Going dairy-free, have milk allergy, need milk-free shredded cheese?

For years, we have enjoyed these cheese shreds. 

And now Daiya has both a classic version plus a cutting board collection.

See ingredients and fun cheesy recipes below!

cheese shreds dairy free

PLEASE NOTE: Here at Milk Allergy Mom, we simply share products that work for our family. Please consult your own doctor before trying food, supplements, or other products. Also read all labels and call companies for the latest, most accurate product information.

Dairy-free cheese.

My goodness, this is definitely the number topic of discussion at Milk Allergy Mom… 

for over 10 years, lol. 

What cheese for dairy-free pizza?

What cheese for dairy-free lasagna?

What cheese for potato skins?

I hear ya, friend. 

It’s hard to imagine life without cheese. 

So when milk allergy becomes part of life, 

what’s a good mama to do but find safe cheese! 🙂 

And I have good news for you. 

Our milk allergy family of 14 years eats all these goodies: pizza, lasagna, and nachos…

and we have dairy-free cheese we like!

Here’s Why We Like Daiya 

1. It was the first dairy-free shredded cheese we could try. 

2. They are easy to find in our town. 

3. Even our non-allergic family members like it in moderation.

4. The new Cutting Board Collection melts well.

cheese shreds dairy free

In fact, there’s a new local, build-your-own pizza restaurant here in my town, 

and they carry Daiya for a dairy-free option! 

We love eating there, now. Just gotta be careful with the cross contamination. 

If you’re wondering how these shreds compare to real cheese, 

I always say use dairy-free cheese shreds in moderation. 

Our general rule of thumb is use up to half of what we’d use with real shredded cheese.

The point isn’t to have the ooey gooey texture of real cheese. 

The point is to have a subtle taste of cheese, in my opinion. 

Daiya Shreds Flavors

We have found these in both the original version and the cutting board version. 

Different stores carry different versions. 

You may prefer one over the other and will need to figure out where you can find it. 




Dairy-Free Shredded Cheese Recipes

We are grateful that dairy-free cheese shreds make some of our favorite recipes possible. 

These are recipes that just need cheese, dairy-free or not. 

Dairy-Free Lasagna

Dairy-Free Pizza

Dairy-Free Potato Skins

Other Dairy-Free Shredded Cheese 

We polled our community at Milk Allergy Mom on Facebook. 

And here are some other brands our dairy-free friends love. 

Be sure to check ingredients and processing information, though. 

I’m giving you this list without much research. 

Aldi Earth Grown

Good Planet

Pamela’s Creamery

Vio Life

Follow Your Heart

So Delicious

Our Other Favorite Dairy-Free Cheeses

dairy-free cream cheese

dairy-free cheese squares

dairy-free mac & cheese

dairy-free cheese cake

Below are some of the Daiya shreds, both classic and cutting board, with labels. 

Remember, always check labels for yourself. Ingredients can change. 

Daiya Mozzarella Cutting Board Shreds

cheese shreds dairy free

Daiya Mozzarella Classic Shreds

Daiya Cheddar Original Shreds

Daiya Pepperjack Cutting Board Shreds



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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