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Shredded Dairy-Free Vegan Cheese at Aldi

Looking for dairy-free cheese shreds that taste good and melt well?

We have a new favorite from Aldi!

And yep, it works on pizza and nachos and all that good stuff.

See below for ingredients and more.

bag of dairy-free cheddar shreds from aldi

Over our 17 years with milk allergy, we’ve tried our fair share of dairy-free shredded cheeses. 

Would you believe there was no such thing back in 2005?

The best we could do was cut up soy cheese slices.

Wow, we’ve come a long way. 

My kiddo still loves those cheese slices on his sandwiches to this day, lol. 

If you would have told me we’d have several brands of dairy-free shredded cheeses,

in both mozzarella and cheddar flavor…

AND that even Aldi would carry their own brand in both…

I would have thought you were crazy. 

But it’s now the twenty-first century, and dairy-free cheese options abound! 

We are thankful. 

First up, the cheddar shreds as shown above. 

These don’t get used at our house as much as the mozzarella, shown below.

Some days, though, kiddo will add it to some of these dishes. 

potato soup

potato skins

taco salad

Here are the ingredients on our cheddar shreds. 

PLEASE NOTE: Here at Milk Allergy Mom, we simply share products that work for our family. Please consult your own doctor before trying food, supplements, or other products. Also read all labels and call companies for the latest, most accurate product information.


What we use the most, however, are the vegan mozzarella shreds from Aldi. 

Oh my goodness, these work so well for all the pizzas we make at our house. 

homemade pizza

tortilla pizzas

pepperoni rolls

As you can see, we really like pizza here. 

And milk allergies sure don’t stop us from all the Friday night pizza fun. 

bag of shredded mozzarella vegan from aldi


I’ve been worried they may disappear like many of their seasonal items but so far I can get these shreds whenever I want them. 

Hope it stays that way!

They are near the regular cheese section. 

It’s the vegan cheese SLICES that seem to come and go.


The price point isn’t bad!

I pay about $3.59 a bag right now. 

That’s significantly lower than other vegan cheese prices.


We do keep an open bag in the freezer to make it last longer since our kiddo with allergies is the only one eating it. 

I always write the date we opened the bag, on the bag in permanent marker. 

That way I don’t have to wonder and guess how long they’ve been open.

But in the freezer, the cheeses do become clumpy and crumbly. 

A fresh bag of vegan shreds definitely works the best for making pizza, especially. 

Although, if you’re just going to melt the shreds into soup, crumbles from the freezer aren’t so bad. 


Here’s the label on our vegan mozzarella shreds. But of course always double-check labels as they can change. 

Since I shop at Aldi regularly, it’s so handy to be able to grab vegan cheese shreds there, too!

Kiddo likes the taste, they do melt well, and they are affordable. 

If you aren’t an Aldi convert yet, here are some more of our favorite Aldi items to give you a little nudge. 

We save a ton of money by shopping there. 

And yes, the dairy-free selection is great!


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Dairy-Free Snacks at Aldi

Vegan Ravioli at Aldi

Vegan Cakes at Aldi

Hope you can try these vegan shredded cheeses at Aldi. 

If you’re a fan, let us know how YOU like to eat them. 

We’d love to hear. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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