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Fresh Salsa Quick & Easy Dairy-Free

If you have Roma tomatoes growing bountiful in your garden, this is the perfect recipe to enjoy!

Quick, easy, fresh salsa…ready in 10 minutes.

Our recipe is mild, but I share hubby’s tip for giving it a kick.

See the simple salsa recipe below!

salsa ingredients

When you’re married to a gardener, 

it’s important to have recipes in your back pocket for all the fresh produce that’s about to take over your house.

Yes, we love giving away and sharing, too. 

But I also like to make sure my family maximizes the benefit of all dad’s hard work.

Such good food when we’ve grown it organically, and God’s provided all these amazing nutrients!

Enter garden tomatoes. 

Hubs is a machine when it comes to growing all sorts of tomatoes. 

Big ones sliced for BLT sandwiches and diced for tomato basil dip.

Then cherry tomatoes in red and orange for snacks and lunches. 

And also lots of Roma tomatoes, which used to stump me more than the others. 

But now, we love them most for fresh homemade salsa. So good! 

I started making this when my boys were little, and they would eat every last drop.

I’d love to share our easy salsa recipe with you below!


Yes, you can definitely make this salsa more chunky. 

Just add more diced Roma tomatoes AFTER pulsing in the blender. 

How many? As many as you’d like to reach the consistency you want. 


The recipe below is for mild salsa that my boys ate as kids. 

But my hubby likes spicy food. 

So hubs likes to not only grow tomatoes and bell peppers…

but he also loves jalapenos for more spice. 

When our summer garden is in full swing, and I start throwing ingredients in the blender for salsa…

hubs gets his own spicy version of my salsa. 

All I have to do is add a jalapeno or two.

Fresh green waxy jalapenos aren’t too spicy.

They get spicier as they turn to matte dark green.

Yet, they are even spicier when they turn red. 

Hubs just tells me what to throw in. 

See recipe below.

steak taco bar



We enjoy this homemade salsa with organic, dairy-free corn tortilla chips. Yes, some contain dairy so check labels if you have a food allergy.


We also like fresh salsa with dairy-free quesadillas. Even if you just have dairy-free cheese and soft flour tortillas, you’re set! 


When it’s taco night at our house, we like making a taco bar. And homemade salsa is perfect for one of the sides. 

Now here’s the recipe!

bowl of salsa and chips


1 cup quartered Roma tomatoes
1/4 of a white onion
1/4 of a yellow pepper
1 teaspoon fresh lime juice
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 clove minced garlic
Place all ingredients in a blender and PULSE one pulse at a time, just until chopped and mixed to the consistency of your choice. Do not use the blend setting.
Refrigeration over night yields the best taste, but eat right away if desired.
Lasts in the refrigerator for a few days.
Hope you like this homemade simple salsa as much as we do! 
This was originally posted in 2017. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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