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Tortilla Triangle Wraps Dairy Free

If your kiddos are tiring of same old lunchbox sandwiches, why not give tortilla triangle wraps a try?!

Also the perfect idea for when you’re getting low on sandwich bread. 

See our video tutorial below along with some creative tortilla triangle pocket ideas…dairy-free, of course.

holding tortilla sandwich

That’s right, I’ve been making dairy-free lunch sandwiches for my kids for sixteen years. 

And it was time to find some new ways to mix things up. 

Since tortillas are one of our Aldi staples, I thought to myself, why not give tortilla sandwiches a try.

Tortilla roll-up’s have certainly been a great way to serve lunch over the years.

But the quadrant sandwiches looked like a whole new level. 

And I was ready for it!

As you can see, these quaint little pockets fit great in our bento lunchboxes. 

I also love that you can make a variety of types of sandwiches with this easy technique.

That means the kids won’t get bored!

tortilla sandwich in bento box


Here’s what we packed in our dairy-free bento box. 

Make sure all these items are safe for your food allergies. Always check labels. Call companies if need be. Be safe!

  • ham, salami, lettuce, dairy-free cheese quadrant tortilla sandwich
  • sweet sugar snap peas
  • raspberries
  • BBQ chips (check labels!)
  • sun butter cup

Be sure to check labels on these brands to see if they work for you. 

Here’s our favorite lunch meat.

Our favorite barbecue chips are in the linked post. 

And these dairy-free sun butter cups are so good!

Now onto tortilla quadrant inspiration. 


Tortilla quadrant sandwiches work best with 4 different ingredients per sandwich. 

Hence, the word quadrant. 

But before you think four is a lot, condiments count. 

So here are some of our favorite quadrant sandwich combos.

Do make sure all the ingredients and brands are safe for your allergies, first.

What works for us may not work for you. 


  • LUNCH MEAT – ham, salami, lettuce, dairy-free cheese or mustard
  • PBJ – 2 quadrants peanut butter (or substitute), 2 quadrants jelly
  • SNACK – peanut butter (or substitute), honey, banana slices, melted dairy-free chocolate


For hot quadrant sandwiches, cook the ingredients that need cooked. Then build your quadrant sandwich and enjoy. Or you can put your tortilla pocket on the stovetop griddle and grill both sides for a more toasty dish. Yum!

Here are some hot quadrant sandwich ideas:

  • BREAKFAST – egg, dairy-free cheese, bacon strips, more bacon
  • TACO – steak strips, lettuce, shredded dairy-free cheese, guacamole
  • QUESADILLA – grilled chicken slices, sautéed onions, sautéed peppers, dairy-free cheese
  • FRUGAL – refried beans, salsa, dairy-free cheese, guacamole

Now see below for how to make a quadrant tortilla sandwiches or tortilla triangle wraps, as some call them. 

parts of quadrant quesadilla


These little tortilla sandwiches are so easy and fun to make. 

Be sure to see our video tutorial in this post. 

It will probably make more sense than these written instructions. But I’ll try! 

1. Lay out one tortilla. 

2. Cut halfway across the tortilla with a knife or pizza cutter. 

3. Fill each of the four quadrants with ingredients or condiments. 

4. Starting with the quadrant right of the cut…fold up, left, down.

5. Enjoy your tortilla sandwich, mess-free! 

tortilla triangle sandwich

How about you? 

Have you made a quadrant tortilla sandwich before? 

My kids also call them tortilla triangles. 

That works, too. 

What ingredients would you use in a tortilla triangle pocket? 

Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear! 


If you’re excited to make your own bento box lunches…

here are some of our favorite bento supplies

Hope your family loves tortilla triangle wraps as much as we do!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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