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4 Breakfast Smoothies Dairy Free

Smoothies are such an easy dairy-free breakfast idea.

Or they make for the perfect healthy afternoon snack that won’t spoil dinner.

My kids enjoyed my smoothie recipes as toddlers, and they still ask for them as busy teens.

See our favorite four dairy-free smoothie recipes below!

collage of dairy-free smoothies. strawberry, chocolate, mango, and blueberry

Not only have my kids enjoyed all of theses smoothies for over decade, 

but they’ve also learned how to make them themselves!

They even make enough to share with mom, how thoughtful. 

For picky toddlers, these smoothies were a perfect little snack. 

And now for busy teenagers, our smoothie recipes are perfect for out-the-door on crazy days. 

Rushing out the door for school, rushing out to the sports field, or rushing out to meet friends, of course.

My growing kids often need the fuel of fruit sugars and protein, and smoothies couldn’t be easier…

especially with a high power blender that makes them so quick to make! 

See our awesome blender in this post of favorite kitchen tools. It’s lasted seven years so far!


When my boys were younger, we definitely made all our smoothie at home because that was safest for our milk allergy and nut allergy. 

But as my kids became older and as vegan options became more plentiful out in the world…

we were fortunate to find a couple places where my kids could get smoothies while on vacation. 

These were always shops where I could watch every step of the process from washing the blenders to seeing the ingredients go in. 

And we always thought we were hot stuff for ordering smoothies out and about…UNTIL the bill came. 

Holy cow, buying smoothies is expensive! Even my kids would gasp in horror. 

I remember plopping down nearly $40 for four smoothies in Wisconsin Dells and Branson, Missouri. 

That’s when we all agreed that sticking to homemade was probably best for us! 

Do you know what else forty dollars could buy?! 

So yes, we simply whip up a huge blender full of smoothie for the whole family, and I’m sure it costs just a few dollars that way. 

Store-bought is a treat, especially when you’re away from home.

But it’s definitely cheaper to make your own smoothies, even factoring in the cost of a nice blender. 

We use our machine-of-a-blender daily! 

Not to mention, smoothie shops often add lots of fruit juice and extra sugar that we try to avoid in our recipes. 

Each of our smoothie recipes is created to be just sweet enough for the kids while focusing more on nutrition to fuel them through the day.

Plus, we don’t have to worry about contamination from a shop serving lots of dairy. 

Our smoothie recipes are simply the best! Cheap, safe, healthy.

And they are so easy to make, with minimal ingredients.

3 smoothies at restaurant


Frozen Fruit – None of these smoothie recipes needs added sugar. The fruit makes them naturally sweet and fun vibrant colors!

Liquid – All of our smoothie recipes call for dairy-free milk or fruit juice when necessary. When they call for milk, my family prefers coconut or oat milk for thick creamy smoothies. And I like the protein in oat milk for kids. No expensive yogurt needed in any of these. 

Protein Powder – Protein powder is optional in these smoothies. If you don’t have one you like or trust, feel free to omit. You can get chocolate flavor from cocoa powder and vanilla flavor from vanilla extract. Perhaps throw in quick oats for added protein. 

Greens – It may mess with the vibrant colors, but don’t hesitate to throw in some washed greens like spinach or kale into any of these smoothies for added nutrition. You won’t taste it and neither will your kids.

Now onto the four smoothie recipes below!

4 dairy free smoothies collage. strawberry chocolate mango blueberry


Here are our favorite dairy-free smoothies that are easy to make for breakfast or a healthy snack.

Hope your family enjoys these smoothies as much as we do. 

You can save these for later on Pinterest.

Plus, you can see more dairy-free breakfast ideas for additional inspiration! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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