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Favorite Kitchen Tools In Our Food Allergy Kitchen

kitchen aid mixer white 

When I realized that I spend so much extra time in my kitchen as a food allergy mom, 

I decided to finally invest in more durable tools that would do the heavy lifting for me and last a long time.

This wasn’t a cheap or quick change. 

First, I took my time researching what I really wanted. 

Second, I had to save money as I went to make these purchases. 

Now several years later, I can say we made some great, long-lasting choices. 

And many of these items were lifetime investments that were so worth it.

As an allergy mom who spends so much time making safe food, you deserve good kitchen tools, too.

So since we get asked often…

here are our some of our favorite kitchen tool recommendations, used in our own home for many years. 

If you click the pink links and purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Happy researching! And I hope you can find yourself a new toy!


Enameled cast iron.

We own the three and six quarts and use both for so many things.

These are very versatile as they move from stove to oven, including the lid.

The lid can be in the oven at very high heat because it has a metal know, something not all dutch ovens have.

Many dutch ovens are made with plastic handles. 

Favorite recipes:

roasted chicken

dutch oven bread

pan smores

kettle corn


Raw cast iron made in the USA.

Super heavy-duty. Stove, oven, or even outdoor camp fire. 

We have skillets and the griddle. 

Favorite recipes:


eggless french toast

skillet cookie


Glass carafe, not plastic. 

Hubby likes to make his hot coffee in this. 

I make cold brew coffee in it that works as an espresso for making various iced coffee drinks.

Favorite recipes:

cold brew coffee

iced lattes


Stainless steel. 

Hubby and I love having temperature settings for heating water. 

He says this is important for making the best pour over coffee.

I love all the various settings for the best hot tea based on green, black, herbal, etc.

And my teens can easily heat their own water for oatmeal and hot cocoa.

This tool certainly gets a workout at our house, no stove required.

We tried a few brands before settling on this one. It’s our fave.


Beautiful and vibrant.

I’ve collected several colors over the years. 

Both the coffee and tea cups are so pretty.

I also give these out as gifts. 


Use the small containers for food storage.

And the dishes are also great for baking.

Favorite recipes:



roasted vegetables 


Non-stick, silicone coated, not Teflon, made in the USA.

I cannot say enough about these baking pans.

They even make allergy ID pans.

NOTHING sticks, easiest clean-up ever. 

Favorite recipes:


mini muffins

quick bread



Ceramic, not Teflon.

We use this to make our famous waffle recipe!

waffles made with water


Super heavy-duty. 

Does the kneading for my homemade breads. 

Cuts in dairy-free butter for my pies and biscuits.

Makes mixing cookie and cake batter so easy. 

I keep this one out on my counter and use it often.

We own the white 5 quart and have had it 15 years.

Favorite recipes:


cinnamon rolls


apple pie

buttermilk biscuits



Super heavy-duty. 

I really didn’t want to pay this much for a blender, but we tried so many others with no luck.

It fits under our cabinet, blends nearly anything, and we use it almost daily for smoothies.

Favorite recipes:

ice cream




High quality microfiber that cleans with just water.

No toxic cleaners needed, which is great for my asthma.

Has worked wonderfully in our food allergy kitchen for over a decade!


Made in the USA.

We have these in both white and teal, of course!

But there are so many fun colors to choose from. 

The Bistro style has awesome big cereal bowls. 

We skip the sets that have mugs because we prefer collecting various kinds of mugs along the way. 

Hope these suggestions are helpful as you research for your own kitchen tools. 

Allergy moms spend too much time in the kitchen not to have good tools they love.

And I certainly love all these!

Plus, they are Chef Jeff approved, too. My hubby is a kitchen maniac.

Have any other durable kitchen tool suggestions?

We’d love to hear in the comments!

Hope you find the perfect long-lasting tools for your food allergy kitchen.

You deserve it.

Original Post:  9/23/15


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Monday 1st of February 2016

Hi Anonymous, yes, it was an expense. I saved up for a year to buy most of it. Most of it will last a lifetime. And as an allergy mom who lives in the kitchen, that's how I justify using durable and safe tools. We don't spend money in restaurants, etc. My only compensation is the small amount as an Amazon affiliate but in the case of my kitchen re-do, I paid for it all out of pocket with cash. Changing a little at a time is a good idea, then it's more do-able. The raw cast iron is super affordable, that's where I started. :)


Saturday 30th of January 2016

Your ideas for your kitchen changeover look interesting, but very pricey. Do,you receve a discount for this kind of advertising? Thanks you.


Sunday 27th of September 2015

Hi Shauna! We threw out anything that I didn't feel right passing along. That was most of it. I think some friends took other items even after I disclosed why I was getting rid of them. Some people don't worry about materials like I do. And for other things that I thought were probably reasonably safe, I put in my garage sale. Hope that helps!

Shauna Moore

Friday 25th of September 2015

Ok, Jamie. Brilliant idea to transform your kitchen! What did you do with all of the items you purged?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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