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Liz Reynolds From Allergy Free Mouse (VIDEO)

So exciting! My first Facebook Live interview was with Liz from Allergy Free Mouse.

See the video interview at the end of this post. 

Liz with Allergy Free Mouse is an incredible lady with a huge heart.

Her passion for sending allergy families to Disney just exudes from her whole being.

And making eating out easy and doable, if just for a short time, is her PASSION!

As I say in this video, I was so reluctant to do Disney.

We were a STRICT AVOIDANCE family for 11 years.

We NEVER ate in a restaurant with our food allergy son.


Until we met Liz.

And in turn, the amazing Walt Disney World chefs.

When I first discovered Liz, it was while listening to a Disney podcast.

Sharing how her daughter safely at Disney…

Liz literally had me in tears at the thought of my son eating out in restaurants.

Disney had been on our radar…

but I was still reluctant.

However, after hearing how Liz does Disney with her daughter…

same allergies and same age…

year after year…

I was convinced and determined. 

My hubby booked our first trip when my son was eleven.

And to say it was magical is an understatement.

It actually changed our life,

giving us the drive to desensitize food allergies and to make this freedom a new lifestyle for us.


Since meeting Liz, we’ve been to Disney twice in three years and have another trip booked for late 2019!

And here’s the icing on the Disney World cake…

every time we go to Disney, we meet up with fellow food allergy families inside our membership group.

It’s a complete highlight for me as Milk Allergy Mom.

Another dream-come-true.

And guess who flew in to join the meet-up and hook us up with famous Chef TJ in 2018?

Liz herself!!!

I gave her a big hug from our whole community, for all her hard work making our dreams come true.

Find more of Liz’s fabulous Disney information at Allergy Free Mouse.

Get our free printable chef thank-you cards, as shown below, immediately in your email!

Now here’s the Allergy Free Mouse interview!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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